Gender Male
Series Breakout
Affiliation Himself
Weapons Striking Blades
Laser Slicer
Razor Disc Slicer
Status Alive
Location Mechna
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:

XT4 is an escaped convict, imprisoned by the Hero Factory until the recent breakout caused by Voltix & Black Phantom.


XT4 was part of a series of industrial robots, a shipment of which was diverted by the Legion of Darkness & dispersed. One remaining robot, XT4, was reprogrammed to be a villain & Black Phantom's personal servant. XT4 was subsequently given commands to act as a new member of the Alpha 1 Team & assist Preston Stormer & Jimi Stringer during a mission that had been set up by the Legion. XT4 was taken back to the Hero Factory after the mission was complete, as XT4 told them that he was a new member of Alpha 1. At Hero Factory he hacked into the Factory security system & turned it against Alpha 1. While they were incapacitated, XT4 stole a Drop Ship & traveled to Asteroid J-54, the Hero Factory prison, where he released Toxic Reapa and Voltix from containment. However, they were cornered by Dunkan Bulk & Von Ness, causing XT4 to release a flood of prisoners. After climbing to the roof with Toxic Reapa & Voltix, they met Von Ness, but he let the villains pass. XT4 let them into his Drop Ship & they left, later meeting with the rest of the Legion.

Black Phantom later organized a takeover attempt of the Hero Factory, which had reportedly been abandoned. XT4's information gave the villains complete knowledge of the systems, allowing Jawblade to swim into the systems & deactivate the external power. XT4 & Splitface then went into the power room of the Factory to take the main power systems offline. However, Stormer attacked the duo, distracting XT4 with metal tendrils. Black Phantom then arrived & saved XT4, & told Stormer his plan was to escape with XT4 but abandon the rest & destroy the building. Bulk, Von Ness, & Stringer then showed up & began to attack. XT4 wounded Bulk, but Von Ness greatly increased the gravity around XT4, who became so heavy the ground buckled underneath him, & he vanished. However, XT4 managed to escape.

When Black Phantom recently engineered a breakout; XT4 escaped the prison along with many other villains. He returned to his home planet, Mechna to gain more technology for his army & weapons for himself. He is pursued by Julius Nex, but Nex has occasionally failed to succeed, & XT4 is still on the loose.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

XT4 is single minded, since his processor has not been designed to deal with emotions. He is considered to be anti-social & considers giving people an injury if they insult him. XT4 possesses four arms, each of which wield a weapon.


XT4 wields Two Striking Blades, a Razor Disc Slicer, & a Laser Slicer.


  • His name stands for "Extra Tough 4-Arms".

See AlsoEdit

  • XT4 - XT4 in the Lego toyline Hero Factory.

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