Witch Doctor
Gender Male
Series Season Two
Affiliation Hero Factory (Formerly)
Weapons Skull Staff
Status Alive
Location Prison
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:

Aldous Witch was a civilian instructor for the Hero Factory. After becoming exposed to the amplified Quaza energy by a mysterious skull, he was turned into the Witch Doctor.


Aldous Witch was once an instructor at Hero Factory, teaching rookie Heroes about astronomy & architectural geology. Witch had always desired the Hero Core that Heroes wore on their chest. He then, sometime after the events of Ordeal of Fire, tried to supercharge himself in the Quaza Recharge Chamber only to be stopped by Preston Stormer. Mr. Makuro then banished Aldous from the Hero Factory for his actions. He then traveled to the jungle planet of Quatros, using the Hero disarm passwords to disable the force shields (around the planet), & began illegally mining for the dangerous mineral himself. He found himself in danger due to the planets animals, & sent a distress call to Hero Factory, though he later escaped to safety. While excavating, he wandered into an ancient temple which housed a stone skull & fashioned it onto a staff he found. When he added a sliver of Quaza, the staff not only amplified the power of the Quaza, but transformed him into Witch Doctor.

Witch then started to enslave the planets wildlife by outfitting each of them with Quaza Spikes & ordering them to mine for Quaza. The Alpha 1 Team responded to his earlier distress call, after getting a report from Rocka. Witch confronted the heroes himself & revealed his true intentions to them. Furno attempted to strike him, but Witch pushed him back. He revealed that the Quaza made him powerful & with their ship, he could escape once he took the last of the Quaza & warped away & sent corrupted wildlife after the heroes, & began to battle them. Witch was yet again confronted by the heroes when Rocka used a warp device to reach his airship. Witch sent his animals at them again & engaged Rocka in combat. During the fight, Stormer stole his staff & Rocka easily defeated him. When the heroes noticed Witch's actions were destroying the planet, Furno quickly destroyed Witch's airship & released the Quaza into the planet's core. Witch was then taken to Makuhero City & imprisoned.

In the season Breakout, Witch Doctor can be seen escaping during the breakout.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Aldous Witch always had secretly wanted to possess a Quaza Core like Heroes do. This jealousy eventually led him to try to illegally mine the Quaza for himself. Upon becoming Witch Doctor, he gained an increase in strength & size, & is easily more powerful than the average Hero. He became a vicious tyrant to the animals of the planet, enslaving them all & making them behave in ways they wouldn't normally behave.


As Witch Doctor, his current form resembles that of a skeleton, & bears white, red, & black armor. He also has four giant spikes protruding out of his back.


Witch Doctor carries the Skull Staff, a device that he created that allows him to control the wildlife on Quatros that also possess corrupted Quaza. He also uses a clawed launcher weapon.

See AlsoEdit

  • Witch Doctor - Witch Doctor in the Lego toyline Hero Factory.

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