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Wakusei Sentai Gogyouger ( 惑星戦隊ゴギョウジャー Wakusei Sentai Gogyōjā?, translated as "Planet Squadron Gogyouger") is an animated entry into Super Sentai. It is based off of the Chinese Wu Xing (known in Japanese as "Go-Gyou"). It is supposed to pay tribute to the popular manga and anime Sailor Moon with additional footage from Mahou Sentai Magiranger.


The space empire SILENCE enters our planetary system & has plans to conquer each planet. They plan to do this be finding the guardian of each planet & destroy them. They suceed in killing the guardians of Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto. There next stop is Earth, the one planet without a guardian, but instead, has people inhabiting it. To protect these people, the guardians from Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn travel to Earth & camouflage themselves as these humans to stop SILENCE from ruling the galaxy.



Main article: Gogyougers
Fire Mars Ares
Water Mercury Hermes
Metal Venus Aphrodite
Wood Jupiter Zeus
Earth Saturn Cronus


Main article: Silengers
Sky Uranus Caelus
Sea Neptune Poseidon
Time Pluto Hades



Main article: SILENCE
Doom X Nibiru



  • GogyouOh - A mecha warrior formed from the Gogyougers in their true animal forms.
    • Mars Eagle - Fire Mars' true form, an eagle.
    • Mercury Turtle - Water Mercury's true form, a turtle.
    • Venus Tiger - Metal Venus' true form, a tiger.
    • Jupiter Dragon - Wood Jupiter's true form, a dragon.
    • Saturn Qilin - Earth Saturn's true form, a qilin.
  • SilenOh - A mecha warrior formed from the Silengers in their true animal forms.

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