VR Troopers: The Next Generation is a fanfictional series & a continuation of the first season. It will use footage from the 1983 Metal Hero series Space Sheriff Sharivan.


Lord Hextro manages to bring Grimlord back from the dead as Grimtron, & now the two join forces with their new subordinates & monsters. Meanwhile, the VR Troopers recruit Henry, a young karate student who is also Anthony's pupil, to become the newest fifth member. Now, the five VR Troopers will fight the combined forces of Hextro & Grimtron & save the Earth & Virtual Reality once & for all.



VR Henry Armstrong
VR Anthony Crawford
VR Ryan Steele
VR JB Reese
VR Kaitlin Star


Cyber tron Adam Steele
  • Tyler Steele - Ryan's father who's in charge of the VR Troopers' arsenal.
  • Professor Hart - The mentor of the VR Troopers.
  • Vera - Short for Virtual Emissary Robotic Android; Tyler's new android assistant & Anthony's love interest.
  • Jeb - Ryan's talking pet Redbone Coonhound.
  • Tao Chong - The Troopers' sensei at Tao Dojo.
  • Mia Chong - Tao's daughter, Adam's fiancee and VR Trooper.
  • Woody Stocker - The chief editor of Underground Voice Daily paper & Kaitlin's goofy boss.
  • Elmo & Scuzzy - A pair of bumbling news reporters who, like Kaitlin, work for Underground Voice Daily paper.


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