VR Troopers: The Next Generation is a fanfictional series that serves as a continuation of VR Troopers, followed after the movie. It will use footage from the 1982 Metal Hero series Space Sheriff Gavan. This will be followed by a second season.


Hextro returns swearing revenge against the VR Troopers, this time bringing his evil family into this. The VR Troopers, including the new kid Anthony, head out to fight Hextro's army.



VR Anthony Crawford
VR Ryan Steele
VR JB Reese
VR Kaitlin Star


  • Tyler Steele - Ryan's father who's in charge of the VR Troopers' arsenal.
  • Professor Hart - The mentor of the VR Troopers.
  • Vera - Short for Virtual Emissary Robotic Android; Tyler's new android assistant & Anthony's love interest.
  • Jeb - Ryan's talking pet Redbone Coonhound.
  • Tao Chong - The Troopers' sensei at Tao Dojo.
  • Woody Stocker - The chief editor of Underground Voice Daily paper & Kaitlin's goofy boss.
  • Elmo & Scuzzy - A pair of bumbling news reporters who, like Kaitlin, work for Underground Voice Daily paper.


Neon Neon


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