VR Troopers: The Movie
A movie for VR Troopers
Release date: 2014
Written by:
Directed by:
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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Sailing Into Virtual Reality

Previous in other series

Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Sailing Into Virtual Reality

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VR Troopers: The Movie is a movie based on Saban's original series VR Troopers. It will use loose footage from the tokusatsu movie Uchuu Keiji Gavan: The Movie. The revival of the VR Troopers will previously start with Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Sailing Into Virtual Reality, a special team-up with the 21st Power Rangers series. The movie will serve as a bridge between the original series & its next continuing series.

The main characters will probably be played by a new set of cast, although Brad Hawkins (the original actor for Ryan Steele) will make a cameo appearance as the Ghost Biker.


The movie begins with the VR Troopers finaly destroying Grimlord & his army once & for all. Just as they think the nightmare is finally over, Cyrus Rytok/Hextro, Grimlord's right-hand man, takes over as the new president of Ziktor Industries, seeking to continue his master's reign of destruction. Meanwhile, Anthony, a close friend of the VR Troopers, learns about his friends' identities after witnessing them going through the archway into their secret lab & coming out as the VR Troopers. Professor Hart, along with Tyler Steele & the his new assistant Vera, decide that Anthony might be able to help the VR Troopers & turn him into a VR Trooper himself. Now, Anthony, under the guidance of his fellow Troopers, is going to help in the battle against Hextro & his henchmen.




VR Anthony Crawford
VR Ryan Steele[1]
VR JB Reese[2]
VR Kaitlin Star[3]


  • Tyler Steele[4] - Ryan's father who's in charge of the VR Troopers' arsenal.
  • Professor Hart[5] - The mentor of the VR Troopers.
  • Vera - Short for Virtual Emissary Robotic Android; Tyler's new android assistant & Anthony's love interest.
  • Jeb[6] - Ryan's talking pet Redbone Coonhound.
  • Woody Stocker[7] - Kaitlin's boss at Underground Voice Daily.
  • Ghost Biker


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