Unnamed Alpha Team rookie
Gender Male
Series Breakout
Affiliation Alpha 1 Team (Rookie 1 division)
Weapons A tool similar to an Aquajet Pack
A tool similar to an Electricity Shooter
Two Plasma Guns
Location An unknown underwater area
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:

This Unnamed Rookie is a member of the Alpha 1 Team.


The hero was created in the Assembly Tower at an undisclosed point in time & has become a member of the Alpha 1 team. He has been assigned to an unknown sector of the galaxy, possibly to capture the unnamed mutated industrial robot. He is still trying to round up criminals.


The hero has a helmet similar to Nathan Evo's. He also has two Plasma Guns mounted on his shoulders & is holding an Electricity Shooter. On his back is a tool similar to William Furno's Aquajet Pack.

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