Ultraman Yami is one of the most powerful members of the Ultraman family.



Ultraman Yami is the least kind of the Ultras. He is actually egocentric, and destroys others' creations for no apparent reason. He also tends to swear.


Ultraman Yami has many abilities:

  • He is irradiated with gold kryptonite.
  • He can absorb energy from all types of suns.
  • He can change his size from one centimeter to two miles.
  • He can perform huge beam attacks.
  • He is very good in the offense and defense.
  • He is as durable as Godzilla.
  • His armor is thicker and and stronger than Godzilla's skin.
  • He can fly for extended periods of time.
  • The vacuum of space cannot affect him.


Yami, although powerful, still has weaknesses:

  • High concentrates of chemical formula "H20" can drain his fighting spirit at a considerable rate.
  • He can only remain giant-sized on Earth for only 40 seconds, before he shrinks down.


  • Ultra Yami speaks Japanese but only writes English.
  • Ultra Yami likes playing overrated first-person shooters, but also plays good games once in a while.

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