Toxic Reapa
Gender Male
Series Breakout
Affiliation Legion of Darkness (formerly)
Weapons Laser Cutters
Two Toxic Jets
Status Alive
Location Prison
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:

Toxic Reapa is a villain hailing from the planet Z'chaya & was a former member of the organization, Legion of Darkness.


Early LifeEdit

Toxic Reapa is a native of Z'chaya, where he is a well-known (insane) thief & a vandal-for-hire.

Legion of DarknessEdit

After leaving his planet, he continued doing his criminal activities until he was eventually captured by Bulk & Stringer during an robbery attempt to steal precious metals from a museum on Sigma Pi III (his partner, Jawblade, evaded being capture by escaping through a pipe connected to the planet's river), & was placed on Asteroid J-54, the only largest prison in the entire sector.

Shortly afterwards, Toxic Reapa & Voltix were later broken free by XT4 & joined the Legion of Darkness.

A few days later, in the back room of a refueling station; Toxic Reapa along with the other members of the Legion of Darkness & an assembled army of criminals (that were broken free from Asteroid J-54) celebrated the closing of the Hero Factory itself while Black Phantom announced his plans to move the organization into the now-vacant factory & establish it as their new headquarters.

When the Legion of Darkness were met by Stormer; Toxic Reapa along with Speeda Demon, Voltix, & Thornraxx (on the another scout ship) were then ordered by Black Phantom to secure the Assembly Tower. Short afterwards, Toxic Reapa became annoyed by Thornraxx's "complaints" & threw him out of the scout ship which at the same moment, they encountered Thresher. They quickly crashed their badly damaged ship (due to slamming into a partly closed launch bay door) which exploded after Voltix hurled two bolts of electricity at Thresher & a conveyor belt (that the hero landed on). After a short fight, he & the others captured Thresher with a crane's claw & were amusing themselves by slowly lowing the hero towards a disassembly machine until Black Phantom suddenly appeared, saw what was going on, & tried to rush them into dropping Thresher into the machine. Before the four villains could drop Thresher; they were interrupted by Bulk & the other members of Alpha 1.

After Stormer played a recording of Black Phantom's statement. He, Speeda Demon, & Voltix took down Black Phantom for betraying them & were then captured by the heroes & sent (along with Jawblade, Splitface, & Thornraxx) to Asteroid J-54.

Unknown years prior BreakoutEdit

Some time later, Toxic Reapa & the other villains (excluding Voltix & Black Phantom) were transferred to the Villain Storage Facility.


The villain Black Phantom recently initiated a mass breakout of the Storage Facility, & Toxic Reapa was one of the many escaping villains. After being freed, Toxic Reapa returned to Z'chaya, with the intent to use his toxic contaminants to infect the larvae living on the planet, turning them into an evil insect army. Eventually Evo stopped him.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Unlike the natives on Z'chaya; Toxic Reapa decided to turn to a criminal lifestyle for unknown reasons. He is also has an affection for using toxic wastes as his weapons to destroy anything or bring death to anyone. It is also known that Toxic Reapa hates being near water (as he mentions this to Jawblade).


Toxic Reapa is equipped with two toxic jets which are supplied by two toxic waste tanks on his back & they are his main weapons. The laser cutters on his head is used for slicing & cutting up fortified structures & is often combined with his main weapons.

See AlsoEdit

  • Toxic Reapa - Toxic Reapa in the Lego toyline Hero Factory.

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