The Alien That Dances
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First Akiko Fuji
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The Alien That Dances is an episode of Ultraman 1966


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Fuji while Hoshino polish her shoes.

While Muramatsu, Hayata, Arashi, and Ide were off on a vacation for 7 days. Fuji was left to watch over the base and to contact them if anything goes wrong.
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Fuji looks at Hoshino's artwork of Ultraman.

Meanwhile, a green spaceship lands to Earth and inside of it was a chubby alien creature.

The first time was when the alien uses an organ grinder that plays a weird music that forces her to dance when she takes a walk in the park, the second time was when she and Hoshino were having a picnic. Later, Hoshino makes some tea for him and sees his sister dancing as she stops. Hoshino laughs and says that it's kinda funny as Fuji rolls her eyes. 

In the meantime, the alien reveals himself to the two and explains that he is fun and kind as he likes to play tricks. When Fuji asked him to stop, the alien uses his organ grinder to make them dance again, but they had their ears plugged when the alien use a gas to put them to sleep. Afterwards, Fuji wakes up and finds herself pinned to the wall of the alien's ship and sees Hoshino pinned to the wall as well.

Fuji asking the alien to stop making her dance.


"Why am I dancing?"
"I can't stop!"


  • Fuji was reading a book about Godzilla. 
  • The dancing spell only effects the victim's body.
  • The four male members of the Science Patrol were never in this episode. 


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