Tao Chong
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Sensei
Season(s): VR Troopers: The Next Generation
VR Troopers: The Next Generation s2
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: VR Troopers: The Movie
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
1 (Movie)
Actor: Toshihiro Oshiro

Tao Chong is proprietor of Tao Dojo, an old friend of Tyler's, & the Troopers' sensei. Tao is an old fashioned man, & occasionally his advice & teachings have proven useful for the Troopers, even though he is unaware of their identities; however, it hints that Tao has probably figured out their identities.  

In the second season, this is proven correct when it's revealed that Tao knew Ryan's brother, Adam, & that he was the one who gave Adam the power to become Cybertron.  


  • Since Richard Rabago passed away, Tao Chong is now portrayed by Toshihiro Oshiro.

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