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Sailor Moon is a fanfictional American live-action series based on both the Japanese tokusatsu television series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moonmedia franchise of the same name. While just a basic retelling of the first act of the manga series, there are some notable differences from the manga & anime versions, like how one of the team members turned evil near the end of the show, & one of the members dying. Another difference is that most of the characters' names are changed into more Western names.


A great evil, consisting of Queen Beryl, her four generals, & an amorphous evil power known as the Negaforce attempt to steal energy so that Beryl can take over the world. Standing in their way are the Sailor Scouts, five middle-school-aged girls: perky Serena Moon, genius Amy Waters, paranormally gifted shrine maiden Raye Tyson, tomboyish Lita Fay, & teen pop idol Mina Lennon; two beings that appear to be sentient stuffed cats (Luna & Artemis); & Tuxedo Mask, a jewel thief in search of a Silver Crystal. Later in the series, the Negaforce & Sailor Moon each get too powerful to be reined in, & the conflict shifts to attempting to postpone the inevitable destruction of the planet Earth. (It looks like Earth is plunged into darkness & not actually destroyed per se, but the effect is the same.)


Sailor ScoutsEdit

Sailor Moon Serena Moon
Sailor Mercury Amy Waters
Sailor Mars Raye Tyson
Sailor Jupiter Lita Faye
Sailor Venus/Sailor V Mina Lennon
Sailor Luna Luna


Tuxedo Mask Darien Shields



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