Phelianian Gorgon
Series Rise of the Rookies
Status Unknown
Location Across the Galaxy
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:

A Phelianian Gorgon is a creature that adores various feline species.


A Phelianian Gorgon has five heads & six arms, can also shoot lasers, & are occasionally mistaken for Bortha Bears.


The Phelianian Gorgons roam the Hero Factory Universe looking for cats, which they prize over all other lifeforms. While to other beings it may look like they are a threat to the cat, in actuality they merely desire to play with cats, pet them, & present them with gifts.

Known Phelianian GorgonsEdit

  • A Phelianian Gorgon that encountered a boy's cat on Earth

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