Mission: Pirates of the Constellations was undertaken by the Delta 9 Team to free hostage workers from a space station.


Team AssignedEdit

Delta 9 TeamEdit


Space PiratesEdit

  • Captain Dark Horrendous (leader)


Free captive workers in the Space Station Regular 1, defeat the pirate hostage takers without destroying the space station.


Captain Dark Horrendous, a notorious space pirate, led his crew on an attack on the Space Station Regular 1, & took fifteen workers there hostage, & demanded a ransom. Instead of paying the ransom, the Hero Factory dispatched the Delta 9 team to free the workers. Before they engaged the pirates, Delta 9 was forced to switch to material weapons, as the space station walls were too fragile to risk using energy weapons around. Taking the pirates by surprise, Delta 9 used their physical tools & hand to hand combat to press the pirates into the basement of the space station. There, Emily Wise turned off the lights in the station, plunging the area into darkness & forcing the pirates into submission.


Delta 9 succeeded in arresting the pirates, as well as freeing the hostage workers.

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