Mission: Guard the Princess was a bodyguarding assignment, where the Zed 4 Team was forced to guard the princess of the planet Seginus.


Team AssignedEdit

Zed 4 TeamEdit

  • Rachel Dodge (leader)
  • Matthew Flare
  • Lily Fox
  • Ian Grey


Protect the Suzerain during her tour of the war-torn provinces of Seginus.


The outlying provinces on the planet Seginus have been at war for over 100 years, until a peace treaty finally caused a cessation of hostilities. In the wake of the treaty, the Suzerian, ruling dignitary of the planet, wished to tour the regions, & was assigned Hero Team Zed 4 as protective detail. The Suzerian is reputed for their fearless nature, & so the current Suzerian took Zed 4 through a multitude of dangerous areas & routes, like swamps & active volcanoes, encountering various creatures such as ice serpents & an acidic cloud creature. Eventually, team leader Dodge spoke with the princess & convinced her to admit that she was actually afraid, & was putting them all in dangerous situations in order to prove the lack of fear required by her station.


During a meeting between the Suzerian & two warlords, Dodge engineered an avalanche, & made it seem as if her team had been saved by the Suzerian. The Suzerian gained a confidence boost from situation, & the warlords in turn gained a new respect for the apparently heroic leader, increasing her political standing.

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