Merrick Fortis
Gender Male
Series Season Two
Affiliation Hero Recon Team
Weapons Projectile Shooter (Formerly)
Chrusher Claw
Location Makuhero City
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:

Merrick Fortis is a member of the Hero Factory, & is leader of the Recon Team.


Merrick Fortis' armor was created in the Assembly Tower, making him one of the earliest Heroes of the Hero Factory. When Akiyama Makuro instigated the Recon Team project, Fortis was personally chosen to be its leader. He then set up a base of operations in an unknown location in Makuhero City & began recruiting highly sophisticated Heroes for his team. It is revealed in Breakout that one of these heroes is Rocka. Recently, he went to Quatros to perform reconnaissance in case Witch Doctor had made contact with any villains in the universe. To adapt to the environment, he was upgraded to 3.0.

After the mission, he removed the armor & later had his team follow William Furno & Rocka as they captured the villain Voltix. However, Voltix's captured turned out to be a ruse to initiate a Breakout & get every villain out of storage. Fortis ordered Rocka to stay at Hero Factory & went in search of villains.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Merrick Fortis is regarded as a high class Hero, a factor that Mr. Makuro took into account when selecting a leader for Recon Team.


Fortis bears white armor, & has a lime visor & a lime Hero Core. He also has the signature Recon chest plate, & has a scope attached to his helmet. His 3.0 upgrade has turned his Recon chest plate black & added wings like those belonging to William Furno. He also gained a powerful claw for climbing.


Merrick Fortis carries a projectile shooter weapon, which includes a grappling hook at the end of it. With his upgrade to 3.0, he gained a powerful claw.

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