Legend:◆ piloted mecha, ❖ auxiliary mecha

  • Godai Gattai ShizenOh
    • Shizen Fire
    • Shizen Wind
    • Shizen Lightning
    • Shizen Earth
    • Shizen Water
  • Ultimate Godai Dai Gattai ShizenJin
    • Godai Dai Gattai ShizenJin
      • Elemental Beasts Fire Phoenix
      • Elemental Beasts Wind Eagle
      • Elemental Beasts Lightning Cheetah
      • Elemental Beasts Earth Gorilla
      • Elemental Beasts Water Orca
    • Godai Dai Gattai OnmyōJin
      • Elemental Beasts Yin Tiger
      • Elemental Beasts Yang Dragon
  • Godai Gattai IkariOh
    • Wisdom King Fudō Myōō
    • Wisdom King Daitoku Myōō
    • Wisdom King Gōzanze Myōō
    • Wisdom King Gundari Myōō
    • Wisdom King Kongōyasha Myōō

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