Mary Jane Watson
Susan Coffey
Mary Jane Watson
Real name: Mary Jane Watson
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #25 (Official)
Spider-Man: The Rise of a Hero (Fan fiction)
Gender: Male

Created by:

Stan Lee
John Romita




Moderate hand-to-hand combat skills

Portrayed by:

Susan Coffey

Mary Jane Watson is Spider-Man's primary love interest and a famous actress and model. Born to Philip and Madeline Watson, Mary Jane, her mother and sister endured verbal abusive from her father during Mary Jane's early childhood until her mother took her children and left Philip. The three Watson women moved to New York, where they lived with their Aunt Anna. When she was eight, Mary Jane met Peter Parker for the first time. Since then, they have harbored a crush for one another, which lasted to their high school years. When Peter became Spider-Man, one of his earliest public acts was saving her from Doctor Octopus. This caused Mary Jane to fall in love with the hero, at the same time her friendship with Peter became stronger than it was when they were children. Despite sharing a few kisses with Spider-Man, Mary Jane's love for Peter never faltered until Peter revealed to her that he was Spider-Man. Since then, they have started a relationship.

There were times when Mary Jane's relationship with Peter suffered, because of Spider-Man's duties and Mary Jane's job as an actress. This caused them end their relationship twice. The first time they broke up was because Spider-Man felt he was endangering her, and the second time was because Mary Jane was offered a job in Los Angeles she could not refuse. However, they fully rekindled their relationship and are currently engaged.

Officially, Mary Jane first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #25, but her first appearance in Leader Vladimir's fan fiction continuity was in Spider-Man: The Rise of a Hero.


Early yearsEdit

Mary Jane was born to Philip and Madeline Watson. She had a sister named Gayle. During Mary Jane's childhood, she, her mother and sister endured verbal abuse from her father, until Madeline took her daughter and left for New York, where they stayed with their Aunt Anna.

When she was eight years old, Mary Jane meet Peter Parker for the first time. Since then, Peter and Mary Jane developed a crush for one another, which would last to their high school years.

When she was in high school, Mary Jane became interested in acting and took acting lessons. Mary Jane starred in many high school productions and became very popular among her peers. She was also one of the very few students in high school that were kind to Peter.

In Love with a SuperheroEdit

When Spider-Man first appeared on New York, Mary Jane developed a crush on the superhero. Indeed, one of Spider-Man's earliest appearances involved him saving MJ from Doctor Octopus. One night, they even shared a kiss when he saved her from a group of thugs. Her friendship with Peter also became stronger, and MJ admited that she had a crush on him. Peter also revealed that he had a crush on her, and both decided to remain just friends so that they could sort their feelings out.

Later, Mary Jane would begin dating Peter's friend, Harry Osborn, while Peter began dating Gwen Stacy. The four became close friends as they attended to the Empire State University.

Behind the scenesEdit

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