• Species = Human
  • Age = 16 (Regular Series) 24 (Spiderman Jr.)
  • First Appearance = The New Girl In Town
  • Affiliations = Osborn High School
  • Occupation = Student (Regular Series), Chemist (Spiderman Jr.)
  • Relatives = Anna Watson (Aunt), Peter Parker (husband), Gabriel Parker (son), Zoe parker (daughter), Vera Watson (Mother), Albert Watson (Father, deceased), Jason Watson (brother, deceased), Miguel O'Hara (Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandson)
  • Alias = MJ, Honey (Peter), Sweety (Peter), Baby (Peter), Snoockums (Aunt Anna), Smokin' Hot Redhead (Harry Osborn)


In the regular marvel universe she is Peter parker's wife.

Spiderman FanFiction WikiEdit

Various versions of Mary Jane Watson will appear in this wiki.

ScarletCarnage15's versionEdit

Mary Jane Watson moved into Peter's neighborhood in the fourth book. He falls in love with her and eventually has a family with him.

Boys Who Crush On herEdit

  • Peter Parker
  • Harry Osborn
  • Flash Thompson
  • Randy Robertson
  • Toby Jameson
  • Derek Saunders
  • Drake Reilly (Only Thinks She is Hot)


She has two children named Gabriel and Zoe who both enherited their father's powers.

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