Mark Surge
Gender Male
Series Rise of the Rookies
Season Two
Brain Attack
Affiliation Alpha 1 Team
Weapons Lightning Shooter & Shields (Formerly)
Ice Spear Blaster (Formerly)
Electricity Shooter
Plasma gun
Location Makuhero City
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:

Mark Surge, also known as "The Livewire", is a member of the Alpha 1 Team.


Early LifeEdit

Mark Surge's armor was recently created in the Assembly Tower along with the armor of William Furno & Natalie Breez. All three of them were appointed to a rookie team, with Furno as team leader, under the overall guide of the Alpha Team.

Rise of the RookiesEdit

When the Alpha Team was dispatched to Merak 9, Surge & Breez rushed to the Mission Control to watch the battle. Though they were told by Zib to stay silent, Surge complained about how Stormer was treating Furno. The two Rookies later met up with Furno in the Training Sphere, who noted how Stormer demanded perfection & how he would earn his respect someday.

After Furno's Core was recharged due to exhausting himself in the sphere, Surge & the team were planned by Stormer to go on a training mission to sharpen their skills. However, the Alpha Team leader received a transmission about an attack at the Explosives Plant on Lemus 2 & was forced to respond. In the middle of the battle, Stormer was downed by XPlode & Rotor. Furno decided to take care of the duo himself, & called the Furno Bike to the battle. Surge managed to stop XPlode from defeating the Hero with explosives, & Furno managed to capture Rotor.

When Corroder attacked the construction site where Penitentiary 1331 was being built on Tantalus 5, Surge was on scene along with Bulk, Stringer, & Breez. Surge ran to aid Bulk & Stringer, but Corroder blasted acid at a metal girder above him & dropped the rubble on Surge. Bulk shoved the rookie out of the way & was pinned under the rubble. Surge attempted to excavate Bulk, but the metal was too heavy for him to move. Stringer, Surge, & Bulk linked cores to form a Hero Cell to protect themselves from Corroder until Furno arrived to defeat the villain. Eventually, they were able to dig Bulk out.

Surge, Breez, Furno, & Stormer traveled to Mekron City to meet with Chief Drax. Stormer entered the precinct first, & was attacked by Drax, who appeared to have gone mad. Stormer easily cuffed Drax, but the maddened police chief sent out guards to gun the Heroes down. Surge & his rookie friends attempted to shoot them down, but were not very accurate & Stormer took them out instead. Meltdown then crashed through the wall, & sprayed Stormer with acid. The villain grappled out of the scene, & while Surge & his friends tried to shoot him down, they missed.

Upon returning to Hero Factory, it was revealed that Meltdown's radioactive sludge contained nanobots capable of hijacking a person's systems. Stormer went berserk & escaped into Makuhero City. Furno followed the Alpha Leader, while Surge, Breez, Stringer, & Bulk traveled to Lunar Tratix to collect an ingredient capable of destroying the nanobots. Upon arriving, the group was attacked by a Tratix Reptoid. While Bulk & Stringer distracted the Tratix Reptoid, Breez found the ingredient. However, the snakelike beast then focused on her, preparing to strike. Surge grabbed its attention in her place. The creature picked Surge up in its tail & prepared to eat him, but Breez used her powers of speaking with animals to make it drop him. The team then returned to Hero Factory & administered the antidote to Stormer, curing him.

Surge & his comrades were playing with Anti-Gravity Thruster Rings when Professor Nathaniel Zib appeared. Zib gave them new armor & Particle Separators & sent them to aid Stormer, Stringer, & Bulk in New Stellac City, where the Heroes were battling Thunder & Corroder. Surge was launched in a Hero Pod to the scene, but as he, Furno, & Breez emerged, XPlode & Meltdown appeared as well. Suddenly, Von Nebula opened a black hole in the sky & sucked up the Heroes' weapons, including Surge's Lightning Shooter & Shield. Stormer & Furno leapt into the black hole to combat Von Nebula, & Surge & the rest of the Heroes used the Particle Separators to evade the villains' attacks & stun them. The villains were taken into custody, Von Nebula was sucked into his own Black Hole Orb Staff, & Surge returned to the Hero Factory in triumph.

Ordeal of FireEdit

Due to his work in New Stellac City, Surge & his comrades were promoted to full Hero status.

Surge & the rest of the Alpha Team were recently sent on a mission to defend Tanker Station 22 from the Fire Lord’s minions. when Furno discovered that their foes were absorbing the fuel, Surge attempted to join him only for Drilldozer to show up. Along with Breez & Stormer, they tried to battle him only to find their weapons were incapable of damaging his armor. Though the workers managed to escape to safety, the Heroes suffered a terrible defeat, & attempted to retreat. The villains had them surrounded, though Surge sacrificed himself by destroying fuel cells, allowing the other Heroes to escape. Surge was then captured & imprisoned.

Though the villains planned to hold Surge for ransom, he managed to escape. His teammates, upgraded to 2.0 forms, returned to the Refueling Station in order to capture their new threat & rescue Surge. Surge aided his team by sending distress beacons to Furno & Breez, & hijacking a ship piloted by Jetbug. Surge crashed the ship into the Fire Lord, severing his fuel-absorption hand & allowing Stormer to defeat him.

They brought him back to the Hero Factory, where he received his upgrade & was later present at a ceremony commemorating his bravery, where Natalie Breez presented him with his Ice Spear Blaster.

Savage PlanetEdit

During a flashback, Surge & Breez were present at the time Aldous Witch was exiled from the Hero Factory. Also, during a battle against Scorpio, Nex said that Surge could have his gaming system before falling.


When Voltix & Black Phantom activated the Black Hole Orb Staff allowing the villains to escape, Surge along with Evo & Stormer rushed into the Villain Storage to aid Furno & Rocka in stopping them escaping. Surge attempted to take on Meltdown only to have his feet caught in the villain's whip & end up being flung towards the door. Upon receiving his upgrade, he ventured out to the Sigma Sigma Sector in space to confront Splitface on a asteroid field nearby to the Space Station there. He found Splitface on one of the biggest asteroids where he was arguing with himself. Surge attacked & fought Splitface on many asteroids but was beat & hurled down onto the biggest. He realized that the asteroid could destroy the station. He split it into half but it was still large enough to destroy the station. Suddenly, Splitface attacked Surge but Surge hurled Splitface into the asteroid, destroying the asteroid, & captured Splitface. He returned to the Hero Factory to help Preston Stormer & the Alpha 1 Team capture Black Phantom.

The Doom BoxEdit

Surge was training with Furno & Bulk when they accidentally turned the training spheres difficulty up past maximum, leaving Surge in a zero-gravity zone, looking to turn the room off Bulk (hanging from a wire) kicked Surge into the power switch. The plan worked, but out of anger Surge came at Bulk with his electrical powers, before being told to stand down by Stormer. Surge along with the rest of Alpha 1, was then briefed by Zib on the fact that Core Hunter had plans to build a weapon of mass-destruction to bribe galactic officials into handing power over to him. The group then watched previous logs of battles with Core Hunter, before moving out.

Surge was paired with Stringer & sent to a space-craft graveyard where Core Hunter was believed to have stashed one of the components. Surge & Stringer then recruited the scrap-yard's security team to help them sweep the area. Stringer ordered the group to split up & sweep the area but, worried that he might fail on his own Surge stuck with Stringer. Before long the pair was under attack by a group of mercenaries Core Hunter had hired as back-up. Surge reluctantly then went to get back-up & met the rest of Alpha 1 who'd come to re-enforce the pair after Core Hunter beat them to the other components. When they got back to the battlefront Stormer divided the team into three segments place Furno & Surge on his team. Believing that the part might be in a cargo hull Stringer had battle Core Hunter in before Stormer ordered the team in that direction at which point Surge followed Furno as used his powers to melt the ships walls to get there fast. When they arrived in the cargo hull they were instantly attacked by a group of mercenaries & Core Hunter. Surge quickly defeated the mercenaries & accidently caused Core Hunter to unite all three parts. But the weapon didn't activate. Before anyone could do a thing, Arctur materialized in the room & told Core Hunter that he'd have to rebuild the weapon in it's place creation for it to work, before shattering the it again & sending it, along with Core Hunter on a delayed teleportation there. The Heroes then captured Arctur, & Surge got lectured by Stormer on his mistake.

With the help of Arctur, who explained the nature of the weapon referred to as the Doom Box, Surge & Alpha 1 went to confront Core Hunter. At which point Surge got the idea to bluff him, which Core Hunter reacted to by killing Arctur. The team then enacted a plan to disarm the Box which ended in all it's energy going into Core Hunter. Core Hunter then defeated every Hero but Surge who faced him. Core Hunter offered to make Surge a general in his army, & after contemplation Surge refused at which point Surge attacked with a blast of electricity & caused the Box's energies to react shrinking Core Hunter into oblivion.

Brain AttackEdit

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Secretly, Surge is convinced that he was built with a flaw, & that he will one day turn to the side of evil. Despite that, he is full of good intentions & is a strong & fast fighter, if clumsy at times. However, his lack of experience keeps him from properly utilizing his true strength. Much like his rookie teammates, Surge was built with some experimental parts, though Surge refused the examinations that followed. Surge is also considered defiant & emotional, easily getting set off despite his attempts to be rational. After becoming a full-fledged hero Surge became courageous, but somewhat reluctant at times to use his capabilities. He can also be short-fused at times.

Following his upgrade to 2.0 status, Surge gained heat-resistant armor & other upgraded features. He also gained a scope, acting as a sniper on missions.

After the Breakout, Surge was equipped with a set of double-plated armor, a Plasma Gun, & Lightning Sword.



Mark Surge initially had a silver jumpsuit with blue armor, as well as a translucent green visor & a translucent yellow Hero Core.


In Surge’s 2.0. form, he has a black jumpsuit with blue & white armor, while his visor & Hero Core are now colored lime. He’s armed with headgear fitted with long-distance thermo-scope & built-in motion sensor, which he uses to take aim with his weapon.


During Breakout, Surge was given blue armor with gray plating. He was fitted with equipment in his armor that allowed him to be in space.


Surge originally carried the Lightning Shooter & Shields dual weapons, which allowed him to shoot powerful bolts of lightning & create shields from that electrical energy. These weapons were sucked into a black hole during a fight in New Stellac City, though he eventually got them back.

After his Upgrade, Surge's next weapon is an Ice Spear Blaster, which allows him to launch projectile icicles for long range attacks.

During the Breakout, Surge's weapon was replaced with an Electricity Shooter & a Plasma Gun.

See AlsoEdit

  • Mark Surge - Surge in the Lego toyline Hero Factory.

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