Makuhero City
Appears in Rise of the Rookies
Season Two
Brain Attack
Position Unknown
Size Unknown
Population Unknown
Status Intact
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:

Makuhero City is a modern, sprawling, highly-populated metropolis with a rich multitude of neighborhoods, & home to millions of humans. Its most prominent architectural feature is the Assembly Tower.

Notable LocationsEdit

Hero FactoryEdit

The Hero Factory Tower serves as the headquarters for the Hero Factory, is the trademark of Makuhero City, & is regarded throughout the Hero Factory Universe as a symbol of safety.

The Hero Factory compound also houses the following locales:

Makuhero UniversityEdit

Makuhero University is the site of a research facility where Raven Su & a team of scientists work on the creation, dissemination, preservation, & application of knowledge for the betterment of human society.

See AlsoEdit

  • Makuhero City - Makuhero City in the Lego toyline Hero Factory.

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