Lunar Tratix
Appears in Rise of the Rookies
Position Tratix System
Size Unknown
Population Unknown
Status Intact
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:

Lunar Tratix is a remote planet in the Hero Factory Universe.


When Preston Stormer was corrupted by nanobots that caused him to go mad, Nathaniel Zib sent Heroes Jimi Stringer, Dunkan Bulk, Natalie Breez, & Mark Surge to retrieve an ingredient for the "antidote" to the nanobots. This ingredient was found only on Lunar Tratix. When the Heroes arrived at Lunar Tratix, a Tratix Reptoid attacked them, but Breez convinced it to get the ingredient for them using her unique nature ability to communicate with creatures. The Heroes then departed & administered the cure to Stormer & Drax.


The surface of Lunar Tratix resembles a barren rock field, with red-gray stone making up the land & peculiar rock formations dotting the surface.


See AlsoEdit

  • Lunar Tratix - Lunar Tratix in the Lego toyline Hero Factory.

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