Call Center
Gender Female
Series Rise of the Rookies
Affiliation Hero Factory
Status Alive
Location Hero Factory
Makuhero City
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:

Lucy lives in Makuhero City & answers calls at the Call Center as part of the Hero Factory staff.


Some time ago, Lucy came to work in the Hero Factory Call Center.

Recently, Lucy answered a call from a frantic citizen who was forced to land his malfunctioning transport pod on Terral 9. Lucy told him that this did not qualify as an emergency until he told her he was surrounded by hungry cannibals. After sending a team to help him, she received an emergency call from Lemus 2, reporting that they were under attack. She forwarded the call to Nathaniel Zib & Quadal, who sent Preston Stormer & three Rookie Heroes to investigate.


Lucy is a no-nonsense type of person, refusing to take humor in serious situations.


Lucy is tall, thin, & wears a white dress. She also has orange hair made into a ponytail.

See AlsoEdit

  • Lucy - Lucy in the Lego toyline Hero Factory.

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