Luca is the captain of the group and she is more like a big sister to everyone being the oldest of the group at 32. she is known for having a good sense of humour and she always manages to make David and Jake to laugh but also she has a son about 11 years old.


Luca was the princess of the planet Brute and she was married at 15 but 4 years later she went to Primordia due to her not liking Brute and she was pregnact and she gave birth when she arrived on Primordia and she said that her son should be taken to her grandmother's estate due to her being real busy. She was then given the Yellow Prime Morpher to fight agaisnt the Cybotron Empire and she was also assigned to find more recruits for the cause and she managed to find Vinny and Emily and she trained them to become Prime Green and Prime Pink and in the last episode she retired to be with her son.

She also decides to come back to brute as her mom has passed away and she was crowned queen but then she announced itself to the sentiel and she said she has abolished the empire and she has recieved praise for it

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