Karato is an American live-action tokusatsu film based on the 1993 Japanese series Tokusou Robo Janperson. The movie focuses on the titular Karato (who made a brief cameo appearance in the episode "Convention Dimension" in Big Bad Beetleborgs), an android that was originally used for crime before being deactivated & remodified into a crime-fighting hero.


A criminal organization has created a powerful killing machine named Havox to carry on its evil deeds. However, Havox was deactivated & taken in by the police. There, Lavender Lindgren, one of the police scientists, suggested that instead of destroying Havox, they should remodify him & give him human emotions. They manage to do so, & Havox is turned into Karato, a crime-fighting android who now fights alongside the police forces against the criminal organization.



Karato Karato
Silver Ray Silver Ray



Goldex Goldex

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