Jimi Stringer
Gender Male
Series Rise of the Rookies
Season Two
Brain Attack
Affiliation Alpha 1 Team
Weapons Sonic Boom Weapon (Formerly)
Triple-Bladed Bear Claw (Formerly)
Mega Decibel Sound Blaster
Location Makuhero City
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:

Jimi Stringer, also known as "The Supersonic", is part of the Alpha 1 Team.


Early LifeEdit

Jimi Stringer's armor was created in the Assembly Tower several years ago, & was trained to become a full-fledged Hero. He like Stormer, Bulk, & Von Ness were part of Thresher's team during the Legion of Darkness Mission.

Eventually, Stringer had established himself as a worthy Hero to Preston Stormer, & he was selected to become a member of the Alpha 1 Team, along with Dunkan Bulk. On one mission, they traveled to the planet Almaak V, which reported that the neighboring planet, Almaak IV, had vanished. Stringer noticed that the planets moon was still in position, & used his mastery of sonics to deactivate the cloaking device enshrouding the planet. Stormer then discovered part of Almaak V's government wanted to spark a war, & those behind the plan were arrested.

The Alpha Team later battled Cornelius Zo & his army of Tiger Ants that were menacing a city. Dunkan Bulk drove a tank, the Crusher, & caused the Tiger Ants to flee. They also took on a group of space pirates that same year.

The team was later interviewed with Hero Factory FM & briefly described fighting Cornelius Zo, but were called off on another mission.

Stringer participated in the TV show "Dancing with the Heroes", & was paired with a woman named Sabrina. His dancing moves were considered smooth & award-winning.

Rise of the RookiesEdit

Recently, the Alpha Team was assigned to guard a shipment of C-4000 explosives that was being attacked by XPlode & Rotor. When both of the villains managed to escape, Stringer returned to the Hero Factory Assembly Tower.

Soon after the mission with Rotor, Bulk & Stringer were sent to clean up the destruction caused by XPlode & Rotor at an Explosives Plant. Nathaniel Zib received a call on the hot-line & sent Bulk & Stringer to defend a construction site from the villain Corroder. Rookie Mark Surge arrived as backup, but Corroder used his acid to drop a load of metal girders on the Hero. Bulk took the blow for him, & was trapped under the rubble. Stringer held off Corroder & had the idea to link Cores & form a Hero Cell to protect themselves, which they did until William Furno arrived to save the day. Surge later asked him about Von Ness, a member of Stormer's old team, & Stringer explained the history of Stormer & Von Ness.

After Stormer was attacked by Meltdown in Mekron City, Zib diagnosed that Meltdown's acid contained nanobots which could corrupt a person's systems. Stormer went berserk as a result of this "infection" & began climbing up to the Training Spheres. Stringer, Bulk, & Furno followed him. In a duel atop a Training Sphere, Bulk was thrown off the edge. Furno grabbed a length of rope & saved the Hero from falling, but his grip began to loosen. Stringer was faced with a choice between letting Stormer escape or saving Bulk. Just as Furno dropped Bulk, Stringer appeared & saved his friend, allowing Stormer to escape with a jetpack.

Stringer retrieved Natalie Breez & Mark Surge to find an antidote to the nanobots. Dunkan Bulk joined the party, though Furno headed out into Makuhero City to retrieve Stormer. Stringer & his companions traveled to Lunar Tratix, whereupon they were immediately attacked by a Tratix Reptoid. Stringer & Bulk kept the animal distracted whilst Breez found the ingredient, only for it to focus on her & nearly devour Surge. However, Breez used her link with nature to drive the beast away, & Stringer's group returned to Hero Factory in triumph. The antidote was administered to Stormer, who was then cured.

Stringer, along with Stormer & Bulk, was sent to New Stellac City to investigate a mysterious meteorite. While there, Stringer pointed out a monument to Stormer & the Hero Factory. Thunder & Corroder then emerged from the crater & did battle with the Alpha Team. The Rookie Team soon arrived as backup, but so did another meteorite, this one containing XPlode & Meltdown. A black hole appeared in the sky (courtesy of Von Nebula) & sucked up the Heroes' weapons, including Stringer's Sonic Boom Weapon. Stormer & Furno jumped into the vortex to combat Von Nebula. Meanwhile, Stringer & the remaining Heroes used Particle Separators to scatter their atoms & dodge the villains' attacks. Stringer & Bulk stunned the villains & wrapped a heavy metal bar around them to contain them. The Alpha Team returned to Hero Factory in triumph.

Eventually, Stringer was given the Upgrade to 2.0 form once the process was considered perfected.

Savage PlanetEdit

Stringer, along with other members of the Alpha Team, received a distress call from Aldous Witch on the jungle planet of Quatros. A report from Rookie Hero Rocka, however, indicated that the planet had become unstable & that all wildlife would attack everything in sight. In an effort to adapt to the environment, the Alpha Team was given an upgrade to new animal armor, with Stringer gaining the abilities of a bear.

As the team was approaching Quatros, they noticed the changed landscape of the planet, & Stringer theorized that someone was illegally mining Quaza. Arriving on Quatros, the Heroes found an injured Rocka & discovered that Professor Witch had been turned into Witch Doctor after being exposed to the Quaza from a mysterious skull. Stringer was put under the command of William Furno along with Nex. They were however ambushed by Scorpio & Waspix; however Stringer broke the Quaza spikes & was able to free the creatures from their servitude. He also broke the spikes of a Fangz & helped free Raw-Jaw. He later returned to the Hero Factory.


After Rocka & Furno had captured Voltix, they brought him to his prison cell. However, Voltix used his power on Von Nebula's Black Hole Orb Staff. This triggered the Breakout. Despite the Alpha 1 Team's best efforts, all the villains escaped.

Mission Manager Zib then assigned Stringer to recapture Voltix. Stringer was outfitted with a sonic Mega Decibel Sound Blaster & Hero Cuffs. He landed on the planet Tansari VI where he found Voltix trying to build a great electrical weapon. Stringer engaged Voltix in combat but was knocked to the ground. However, he quickly recharged his Hero Core & kept fighting Voltix. Voltix then released an ultimate electric blast on Jimi Stringer. However, Stringer used several energy cartridges to absorb the blast. When Voltix ran out of energy, Stringer cuffed Voltix & returned to the Hero Factory where he met Preston Stormer & the Alpha team having caught the Black Phantom. When Stormer asked why he had been late to return to the Hero Factory, he jokingly replied that he could not remember where he parked his Hero Craft.

Robot RampageEdit

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Jimi Stringer is a laid-back hero, cool & calm under pressure in situations. this attitude gets on the nerves of his teammates at times, though it helps Stringer deal with the situations they get into. Unlike his teammates, Stringer actually enjoys working with rookies & is always willing to train up & coming heroes. He is known to have two passions: fighting for justice & music.

Stringer also has a passion for music, & uses this side of his personality in battle while also applying his casual attitude toward lyric writing.

After his upgrade to 3.0 status, Stringer now has armor based on the black bear & the tiger to adapt to the new jungle environment.



Jimi Stringer initially wears an orange jumpsuit with black armor, as well as a translucent orange visor & a light orange Hero Core.


In Stringer’s 3.0 form, he wears a black jumpsuit with black & light orange armor, as well as a light orange visor & Hero Core. His helmet now resembles that of a Black Bear, as a sign of his new powers.


In Breakout, Stringer retains his 1.0. helmet, with blue & black armor.


Stringer was originally equipped with a Sonic Boom Weapon, which allowed him to use his fondness of music in battle. In Breakout, it was revealed that he still possessed this weapon in his 2.0 form.

During the Savage Planet arc, Stringer possessed a Triple-Bladed Bear Claw, which allows him to tear through almost anything.

In his latest Breakout form, Stringer carries a Mega Decibel Sound Blaster.


  • Stringer was once referred to as Riff on Hero Factory FM.

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