Gender: Male
Villain Type: General
Show: Sailor Moon
Homeworld: Negaverse
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode

Jedite is one of the Four Generals in Sailor Moon.


Jedite was the first General revived, & his primary mission was to collect energy for Beryl & the Negaforce. He was deeply loyal to Queen Beryl, she would refer to Jedite as the only one she could trust within the ranks of the Four Generals. He is quite firmly under the control of Beryl, & didn't seem to have his own agenda like his three peers. His near unwavering loyalty was a great advantage to the Queen, & she used it a every opportunity. He was in almost constant competition with Nephlite for the affections of the Queen though Jedite remained in her favor for his entire length of service. Jedite was entrusted with missions ranging from gathering energy to spying on his fellow Generals to attacking the Scouts. Jedite was also not against to working with the other Generals, if he felt the outcome would benefit him.

On his own, his inexperience sometimes was a problem, but with the help of one of the stronger Generals, he gathered large amounts of energy. In fact, some of his greatest success came from working with either Nephlite or Malachite. He proved formidable in a duel with Malachite. Zoycite tells that Jedite was the youngest of the Four Generals during the Silver Millennium, & as a result was treated like the little brother of the team. He preferred the use of twin crystal daggers in hand-to-hand combat & his projectile energy attacks were violet in color. Faced with the task of destroying Sailor Moon, he sought aid in Zoycite who guided the younger general on his first mind-flight. This process reverted Jedite to his native crystal form to heal himself & regain his full power. He was later revived again by the Negaforce's growing power. Jedite was torn between loyalties when Darien came to the Negaverse but continued to be Queen Beryl's go-to guy. It was Jedite that inserted the life-draining crystal into Darien. When the Negaverse was collapsing around them, Beryl released Jedite from her mind controlling spell & urged him to flee for his life. Jedite refused, declaring that Beryl remained his master by choice. However, at the near-end of the series, he again calls Darien his master & friend. In the special episode, he & the other three Generals defeated four Pettiot in the disguise of them. He assisted in the battle against the Pierrot monsters & attended his master & Serena's wedding. In the pilot episode, he was Heather, a police officer in a woman's uniform.


See AlsoEdit

  • Jadeite - Jedite's anime counterpart in the metaseries Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.

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