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Hero Pod
Appears in

Rise of the Rookies
Season Two

User(s) Hero Factory Heroes
Functionality Transport Heroes to Sites across the Galaxy
Status In Use
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:

Hero Pods are transport pods used to get Hero Factory Heroes to different planets & locations to battle villains.


Recently, XPlode & Rotor attacked an Explosives Plant on Lemus 2. The team that responded deployed a decoy Hero Pod, which the duo immediately destroyed.

Corroder later attacked a construction site for Penitentiary 1331 on Tantalus 5. Rookie Hero William Furno was deployed to the scene in a Hero Pod. He ejected prior to landing, crashing the pod into Corroder.

When the Alpha 1 Team battled Corroder & Thunder at New Stellac City, William Furno, Mark Surge, & Natalie Breez were blasted to the scene in their Hero Pods.

When the upgraded Alpha Team was sent to the Refueling Station & requested backup, Nathaniel Zib sent Nex & Evo in a Hero Pod, which helped to turn the tide in battle.


See AlsoEdit

  • Hero Pod - Hero Pods in the Lego toyline Hero Factory.

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