Hero Factory: The Musical is a documentary, focusing on the Hero Factory, & is the brainchild of Avant Garbage filmmaker Tibor Terrell.


The full plot of the musical is unknown, but an exclusive trailer was provided for Hero Factory FM. In this trailer, the Galactic SuperCruiser Advance is cruising through space when one of the workers spots movement "a little bit off the starboard bow". Closer examination reveals this to be Hobo-Chincu, & the ship is plunged into a state of panic. When they call the Hero Factory, the Alpha 1 Team is sent to repel the villain, which leads to a musical number.

At some point in the movie, William Furno battles a monster, performing his own song. A subplot of the movie involves Natalie Breez's teenage crush on Furno, & she sings a romantic song whilst pining away for him.

Presumably near the end of the film, the protagonists join together & sing a finale about "the spirit of the team" & how it helped them overcome evil.


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