Hero Factory: Breakout is the third season of the Hero Factory series.


When the seemingly trapped villain Voltix activates Von Nebula's Black Hole Orb Staff, it causes a mass security breach in the prison facility of Hero Factory, allowing all of the captured criminals to escape through the black hole created in the prison. The leader of the breakout is the malevolent Black Phantom, who stays & infiltrates Hero Factory with the intention of destroying it, while all Heroes, apart from Rocka, are sent on missions to re-capture the escaped villains. Stormer is dispatched to apprehend Speeda Demon on planet Kollix IV, Furno is sent to re-capture Jawblade on Scylla, Evo is dispatched to re-capture Toxic Reapa on his home planet, Z'chaya, Surge is sent to apprehend Splitface on the Sigma Sigma Communications Satellite, & Stringer is dispatched to apprehend Voltix on Tansari VI. Once they have apprehended their respective criminals, the five Heroes return to Hero Factory to help Rocka fight against Black Phantom. With Black Phantom apprehended, it is revealed that the whole breakout was a huge distraction, enabling an outside force to steal the plans for Hero Factory.


Hero FactoryEdit

Hero Factory TeamsEdit

Alpha 1 TeamEdit
Breakout Preston Stormer
Breakout Dunkan Bulk
Breakout Jimi Stringer
Breakout William Furno
Breakout Mark Surge
Breakout Natalie Breez
Breakout Julius Nex
Breakout Nathan Evo
Breakout Daniel Rocka
Breakout Unnamed rookie


Legion of DarknessEdit

Von Nebula's GangEdit

Fire VillainsEdit

Other VillainsEdit

Supporting charactersEdit

Minor charactersEdit



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