Godzilla vs. Optimus Prime was the outcome of the Ultimate Wikia battle hosted on the Ultraman Wiki. It involved Godzilla (from his entire franchise so all incarnations 1954-2004) against the first generation Optimus Prime from the 80's. Godzilla was the winner by default, but some people kept insisting on Optimus being the winner and they censored some facts like that the Matrix can only be used in the darkest hour of the Autobots and not just at any time.


Godzilla won by a landslide and a new nickname for Optimus Prime was created. Wikizilla became one of the most popular Wikis ever, Ultraman Wiki gained a lot of traffic, and people learned about kaiju, Jarritos and Pacific Rim.

The BattleEdit

Optimus Prime and Godzilla Scale - With Powers

Godzilla's giant size and huge arsenal of abilities and defenses as well as extremely rare weaknesses proved far too great for Optimus. Even if Optimus died for our sins again, he was tossed away just like in the 80's movie where he died. Optimus Prime's speed was not great against Godzilla's durability, and Optimus only lasted four days until he was shot down by Godzilla.

In Popular CultureEdit

The battle became one of the most remembered in history, becoming far more well-known than the American Revolution at some point.


  • People started to say that they were going to eat fried lizard, which is an impossibility since Godzilla can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • This was one of the biggest recorded gatherings of Godzilla haters. Maybe Wes Terrick made an appearance there somewhere without logging in and bashed Godzilla.

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