Fire Villains
Series Season Two
Headquarters Tanker Station 22
Leader Fire Lord
Goal Siphon power from fuel stations
Status Active
Allies None
Enemies Hero Factory

The Fire Villains are a group of power-hungry criminals.


All of the Fire Villains were once miners. However, they were consumed with a lust for power & formed a gang.

Fire Lord later led them to Tanker Station 22 , where they attacked & began to steal the power. The Alpha 1 Team appeared to combat them & save the workers, but the Fire Villains easily defeated them. The Heroes fled, saving the workers but leaving the station in the clutches of the Fire Villains, who took over the planet. Later after the Heroes got upgraded, they went back to the station & battled the Fire Villians where Drilldozer & Nitroblast were defeated & handcuffed, then Jetbug was ejected from a hero craft by Surge. The craft severed Fire Lord's hand after he absorbed tremendous amounts of fuel. He was defeated & the Fire Villains were sent to Hero Factory to be cleansed of thier fuel addiction.


See AlsoEdit

  • Fire Villains - The Fire Villains in the Lego toyline Hero Factory.

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