Hi, Zeltrax-Millenium here. This is my first time making an actual Wikia page so, here goes.


If anyone takes an already-made fan-created Ranger Key, recolors it, and tries to submit it as their own, that duplciated key will be DELETED.

I already got that kind of trouble on DeviantArt & YouTube so, I don't wish that to be repeated here.

The basic description of the page.Edit

This is a page for which anyone who has created a custom ranger key design or an actual customized ranger  key to have it look like another character entirely.
TRIAL - AkibaGreen Ranger Key

My custom Akiba-Green Key design.

I will post the original Ranger Key template here so that way, you too can make your own key designs.

All I ask is for you guys is to credit me for the original design and to be kind, thoughtful, and courteous on this page.
100 0927

My actual custom Ecliptor key.

If I don't see that happen/Since I'm now an Administrator for some reason, the posts that are offensive/don't have credits to myself will be removed.

The TemplateEdit

Let me tell you a story about the original template I made.

Around the time Gokaiger came out, I just LOVED the Ranger keys. It was also sad that
TRIAL - Standard Ranger Key template

The original Template that started it all.

around the time Episode 10 came out, I only had the first Ranger Key set and I had to wait to get the rest that I have/I don't have all of the keys yet.

Back to the story: This was before I had any Ranger Keys to my name so, when it came time to make the template, I just ball-parked it. Not kidding.

I used a Auto-Morphing Pink Ranger figure for the appropriate size of the keys and then I used a fuzzy Magi-Red key scan, and after what seems like 2 hours trying to get the thing to look correct, I had finished my Ranger Key template.

After you're done making any kind of custom Ranger Key design be it with my design or customizing an actual Ranger Key, be it Gashapon or DX/Candy Toy, please place it into the gallery I provided. I would LOVE to see what you guys can create.

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