This is the fourth episode of Kamen Rider: Equestria Heroes.


Once again, upon exiting the mirror, Twilight and Spike find themselves in another abandoned library.  This time, upon exiting, they find themselves near a racetrack with several motorcycles racing around it.  Twilight also finds a motorcycle resembling the Machine Decader left by the door for her.  Although Twilight is reluctant to use it at first, and a few minutes, she finds that somehow, she knows how to drive it.


After Twilight (and Spike, who sits behind her) makes their way to the track, they find that the track is being used for training by a motocross team called The Wonderbolts.  Although they are not able to go onto the track, the do find someone watching from the sidelines.  The young Scootaloo.


After striking up a conversation with Scootaloo, they discover that Rainbow Dash, a hopeful for the Wonderbolts, left mysteriously before she made the team, and no one has seen her since.  Twilight asks Scootaloo for more information on what happened, only to have Scootaloo answer a call from her cell phone, and needing to leave in a hurry because of it.  Suspicious of this, Twilight and Spike decide to follow her.


Scootaloo heads for a warehouse where, inside waiting for her, is Trixie.  Trixie hands Scootaloo three coin like objects before they notice Twilight and Spike watching them.  As Twilight tries to explain herself, a monster appears nearby, forcing the group to investigate.  With the monster attacking a populated area Scootaloo and Trixie transform into riders to fight the monster, with Twilight joining in soon after.  However, the monster’s speed proves too much for the trio to handle.


Just then, a mysterious blue rider appears, and with speed equal to the monster, defeats it.  Twilight tries to talk to the mysterious rider, but she runs off before Twilight even gets a sentence out.


Twilight is rejoined with Scootaloo and Trixie (and unlocks the “OOO” and “Birth” Ride Cards, and their memories respectively), and asks them about the mysterious blue rider.  Scootaloo comments that the rider mysteriously appeared one day, using a Pegasus Zecter similar to the one Spitfire uses, confirming that Spitfire and Soarin are riders as well.  Twilight decides to try and go to Spitfire to see if she has more information on the mysterious rider.


It doesn’t take long for Twilight to run into Spitfire and Soarin, who, upon seeing she has the Decadriver, attempt to attack her, but Scootaloo manages to stop them, and Twilight is allowed to explain the situation (and unlocks the “Gatack” and “Drake” Ride Cards in the process).


Spitfire tells Twilight of a motocross team called the “Shadowbolts”, with has three members who are riders.  Nightshade (Spitfire’s sister), Lightning Dust, and Gilda.  Unlike the others, the three Shadowbolt riders seem to be influencing the actions of the monsters that have been attacking the city.  To make matters worse, Rainbow Dash was once close to Lightning Dust and Gilda, and upon hearing they joined the Shadowbolts, she left.  Spitfire suspects that Rainbow Dash is the mysterious rider in question, but has no proof to back it up.


Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a girl with rainbow colored hair is sitting at a table at a coffee shop.  Another girl with dark blue hair walks up to her, saying “you’re hard to track down, Rainbow Dash”.  Rainbow Dash turns to the girl, and asks her what she wants.  The girl, who is identified as Nightshade, tells Rainbow Dash that there’s room for one more on the Shadowbolts.  Rainbow Dash tells her she’s not interested, but Nightshade keeps pressing the matter, saying that her best friends have joined up, so Rainbow Dash should too.  “What friends?” Rainbow Dash replies, getting more agitated.  Nightshade continues to push Rainbow Dash’s buttons, saying that she could never go back to the Wonderbolts.  This finally makes Rainbow Dash snap, and she throws a punch at Nightshade.  Nightshade catches the punch, and throws Rainbow Dash over her shoulder, and onto the ground.


“I’ll give you some time to think it over” says Nightshade as she leaves.


From the shadows, another girl is watching.  She takes a picture of the scene with her camera phone, and takes her leave.


At about the same time, Scootaloo gets a mysterious message from someone going by the alias “S.S.” saying that she had spotted Rainbow Dash, and provides a picture of her getting into an argument with Nightshade.  With the information, Twilight, Spike, and Scootaloo head off for the other side of town.  However, they are observed and intercepted by Gilda and Lightning Dust.  The duo immediately recognizes Twilight and the Decadriver, and informs Twilight that they are under orders to destroy her.  When Twilight tries to question them as to who told them to destroy her, the only thing Gilda says to her is “You won’t be alive long enough to care” before she and Lightning Dust transform into Riders and attack Twilight.


  • Twilight Sparkle/Kamen Rider Twilight
  • Spike
  • Scootaloo/Kamen Rider ScootalOOO
  • Trixie/Kamen Rider Trixie
  • Rainbow Dash/Kamen Rider Dash
  • Spitfire/Kamen Rider Spitfire
  • Soarin/Kamen Rider Soarin
  • Nightshade/Dark Rider Nightshade
  • Sunset Shimmer/Kamen Rider Sunset
  • Gilda/Dark Rider Gilda
  • Lightning Dust/Dark Rider Dust

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