This is the third episode of Kamen Rider: Equestria Heroes.


Twilight and Spike are a bit disorientated upon arriving in the Fragmented A.R. World, but the feeling passes and they find that they have ended up in an old abandoned library.  After taking a few moments to get their bearings, they begin their search for the next rider.


Of course, it doesn’t take them long, as she nearly runs them over with her welcome wagon.


Recognizing Pinkie Pie right away from her hyperactive cheerful greetings, it’s also clearly apparent she doesn’t recognize them though.  Not knowing how Pinkie Pie will react to her, Twilight just plays along and the energetic girl drags her to Sugar Cube Corner for a latte.  While there, Pinkie Pie begins talking to Twilight openly about being a Kamen Rider, and how she wishes there were more riders to be friends with.


What catches Twilight off guard is Pinkie Pie mentioning not only Narutaki, but another rider who had some strange gun like driver.  Before Twilight can ask her to elaborate, a monster appears to attack the city, and Pinkie Pie runs off to fight it.


As Pinkie Pie runs off, Twilight notices something… off about her.  Pinkie Pie’s smile seems hollow and fake, as if she’s faking a smile to hide her true feelings.  That, combined with the fact that a card hasn’t unlocked from her Ride Booker, suggests to Twilight that there is something not right.


Twilight goes after Pinkie Pie, only to find her just as she’s beating the monster.  It’s at that point, Twilight notices that Pinkie Pie’s energetic and cheerful attitude turn cold and emotionless when fighting as a rider.  Almost as if she’s not the same person.  Twilight tries to ask why Pinkie Pie changes so much as a rider, but Pinkie Pie refuses to answer her.


With the day becoming late, Spike and Twilight decide to try and find somewhere to sleep for the night.  They head back to the abandoned library, only to run into a strange man in a trench coat and hat.  He immediately recognizes them as not belonging to this world, and asks what they’re doing there.  Twilight is puzzled as to how he knew they didn’t belong there, but is polite and mentions she is trying to restore the worlds.


The man tells her it is useless, saying that the worlds are probably “Decade’s fault”.  It’s at this time; Twilight realizes that the man is Narutaki.  However, before she is able to confront him, he has vanished.


The next day, Twilight and Spike head out to look for Pinkie Pie again, only to find that she has gone to fight another monster.  They arrive to find Pinkie Pie has defeated it already.  Again, Twilight asks why Pinkie Pie acts so different as a rider.  Pinkie Pie once again refuses, but Twilight insists.  At this point Pinkie Pie becomes aggravated at Twilight and tells her she will not hesitate to hurt her if she asks again.


Twilight, realizing she needs to get through to her somehow, challenges Pinkie Pie to a fight.  If Twilight looses, she’ll drop the subject.  But if Pinkie Pie looses, she must tell Twilight what’s going on.  Pinkie Pie, running thin on patience, accepts.  Despite Twilight reservations to hurt on of her former friends, using the Kiva and Ixa cards, she is able to beat Pinkie Pie.


With Pinkie Pie defeated, she tells Twilight why she is so hollow.  She became a Kamen Rider to protect everyone’s smiles.  But in doing so, her own smile faded away.  All that she could do is fight to protect others, but the responsibility has been so much for her.  She can’t show weakness, hence the mask she puts on everyday.


As Twilight tries to talk to Pinkie Pie and help her cope with her feelings, another monster attacks.  The biggest and strongest of all.  Pinkie Pie, already weakened from the previous fights, is unable to overpower the monster.  It is then that Twilight steps in for her, saying that if Pinkie Pie fights for everyone’s smiles, then Twilight will fight for hers.


It’s at that moment the “Black” Ride Card is unlocked in Twilight’s Ride Booker.  Using its power, and with Pinkie Pie regaining the strength to continue, the both of them defeat the monster.


With Pinkie Pie regaining her true smile (and with it, her real memories), Twilight finds that she now has to leave for the next Fragmented A.R. World.  With a promise to return, Twilight says good bye to Pinkie Pie, and goes through the mirror.


But, before she leaves, Pinkie Pie tells her more about the strange rider that appeared.  Although she did not get the rider’s name, Pinkie Pie did notice that the rider had yellow and red marking.  Although Twilight suspects someone, it couldn’t be “her”… could it?


  • Twilight Sparkle/Kamen Rider Twilight
  • Spike
  • Pinkie Pie/Kamen Rider Pinkie
  • Narutaki

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