This is the second episode of Kamen Rider: Equestria Heroes.


As Twilight and Spike take a bus to the other city, she goes over the cards in the Ride Booker, finding that almost all of them are grayed out.  The only ones that aren’t, are the Decade cards, with the Kamen Ride card being renamed “Twilight” instead of “Decade”.


Upon reaching the city, Spike and Twilight look up Shining’s address, and start heading that way.  Upon reaching the park, the duo sees a monster attacking someone.  Twilight recognizes her as Cadance, and is about to come to her rescue, when Cadance takes a ring, and changes into a Kamen Rider.  She is soon followed by Shining, who turns into a rider as well.  The two of them make quick work of the monster, and then notice Twilight and Spike.


Realizing Twilight saw them transform, they explain that they have been Kamen Riders for just over a month, and are puzzled why Twilight and Spike came to the city, not to mention that Twilight’s memory has somehow returned, but not the memories they thought she had.  Twilight explains what’s going on, and shows them her Ride Cards, to find that there are Ride Cards for “Saga” and “Wizard”, the riders Shining and Cadance were emulating, this of course makes them more puzzled, until the cards restore their true memories.


Shining then mentions a rider working for the Order of Demon Hunters, Celestia, and another mysterious rider named “Nightmare”.  Despite working for Celestia, they don’t feel like Kamen Rider Nightmare is a threat, despite Celestia’s reservations on demons.  They also mention Celestia’s sister, Luna, who left the Order for some unknown reason.


Twilight, knowing something is not right, asks where Luna is.  Shining and Cadance direct her to a bubble tea shop Luna works at.  Twilight enters, and finds Luna behind the counter.  Luna seems to have no memory of her, which doesn’t surprise Twilight, since in this shattered world, they never met before.  Twilight then confronts her about “Nightmare Moon”, to which Luna starts becoming hostile, denying that she is connected to Kamen Rider Nightmare, and asking if Twilight works for The Order.


Just then, Celestia walks in.  Twilight steps back as the two sisters begin to argue.  Celestia asks why Luna left The Order, with Luna saying she had her reasons and doesn’t want to talk about it.  Although Twilight wants to break up the argument, a commotion from outside cuts the argument short, and Celestia tell them to stay inside as she “deals with it”.  After seeing Celestia leave, Twilight turns to Luna, who has left as well.


Twilight heads outside and sees Celestia transform into a rider, and fights a monster.  Twilight changes into her rider form, and is about to jump in, when a mysterious rider jumps in and defeats the monster.  Celestia then attacks the rider, calling her a demon.  The other rider doesn’t fight back, but rather runs away.  Upon seeing this, Twilight follows the mysterious rider, and confronts her.


The mysterious rider identifies herself as Kamen Rider Nightmare, and attacks Twilight, mistaking her for Decade “The Devil”.  Although the two are evenly matched, Cadance and Shining step in to break up the fight.  It’s at this point that Twilight confirms that Nightmare is Luna, and asks what is going on between her and Celestia.


Although Luna is reluctant to trust Twilight, being she has the Decadriver, she reveals that she is half angel, and half demon.  Her father was the Overlord of the Underworld, and was destroyed by his former allies while she and Celestia were very young.  Although Celestia has no clue of their demonic origins, Luna is now tasked to take over her father’s place as Queen of the Night.  It also doesn’t help that Celestia hates all forms of demons, and would kill Luna if she found out she was Nightmare.


Twilight immediately tells Luna that they need to confront Celestia with the truth.  They’re both sisters, and they both have the same father, so they both share the same blood.  Luna tells her it’s a bad idea, but Twilight’s determination convinces her that they should at least try.


Luna calls Celestia, and asks her to meet her in the park.  Celestia dose so, but before Luna can reveal the truth, a powerful Demon Lord appears and attacks them.  Celestia changes into her rider form, but is unable to overpower the demon.  The demon tells Celestia he recognizes her blood as once belonging to the former Overlord.  Celestia is in denial of this fact, until Luna transforms into Nightmare to save her, with Twilight helping her.


Celestia is still in shock over this turn of events, but joins forces with her sister to try and take down the demon.  With the two sisters finally united, Twilight finds that the cards for Kiva and Ixa have now unlocked, along with Final Form Ride Kiva card.  Wondering what it dose, she uses the Final Form Ride card, and summons Kiva, who turns into the Kiva Arrow.  The three use the weapon to defeat the demon once and for all, and in doing so, Celestia and Luna regain their true memories.


Upon Twilight explaining the full situation, Luna reveals that there is a version of the mirror Twilight once used to cross between the two worlds that once existed in her house.  But it’s cracked, representing the two worlds being shattered when the fusion was attempted.  Luna also reveals that a man by the name of Narutaki was the one who told her about Decade.  Twilight suspects he may be the cause of the shattered worlds.


As Twilight touches the mirror, it mends itself, and opens a portal to another Fragmented A.R. World.  Although the others ask to go with her, Twilight insists that she must go alone, as the rest of them must defend the world while she’s gone.  She then steps through, with Spike following close behind.


  • Twilight Sparkle/Kamen Rider Twilight
  • Spike
  • Shining Armor/Kamen Rider Shining
  • Cadance/Kamen Rider Cadance
  • Luna/Kamen Rider Nightmare
  • Celestia/Kamen Rider Celestia
  • Kamen Rider Kiva

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