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Earth Defense Squad: Rescue Team is the first of the Earth Defense Squad series. It's based on Tomica Hero: Rescue Force.


Whenever there’s danger, crime, accidents, & disasters, the Earth Defense Squad's Rescue Team are highly trained professionals ready to save people & stop the terror that ruins the lives of innocents. An evil warlord named Grim-Lord X & his evil organization, Addis X, are trying to rule the world. But Grim-Lord’s plan isn't just to capture humans & making them his slaves. Will the Rescue Team stop Addis X & restore peace to the world?


Earth Defense Squad/Rescue TeamEdit

Rescue Force

Rescue Team

Blue Defender/1 Joey Bristow
Silver Defender/2 Curtis Dalca
Red Defender/3 Zoey Moon
White Defender/4 Emily White
Black Defender/5 Elijah Stone
Gold Defender/0 Mirgen Fletcher

Addis XEdit


  • Defense Scanner - The Rescue Team's transformation device.

Defense VehiclesEdit

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