Drop Ship
Appears in

Rise of the Rookies
Season Two

User(s) Hero Factory Heroes
Functionality Transport
Status In Use
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:

The Drop Ship is a transport vehicle utilized by the Hero Factory.


Drop Ships have been utilized in many Hero Factory missions since their beginning.

One such mission was the one assigned Thresher, Preston Stormer, & Von Ness - to defend New Stellac City from a giant robot. When Thresher was felled by the robot's attacks, Von Ness panicked & tried to escape in the Drop Ship. Stormer leapt on to try & stop him, but Von Ness shook him off & managed to get away. The fate of this Drop Ship is unknown.

A Drop Ship was flown by a Hero, supposedly Sky Blue in 1.0 status. It's fate is not shown in any records.

Epsilon 4 Team used a Drop Ship in their capture of the Arcadian Sand Snake, & did an honorary fly-by of the Assembly Tower.

Natalie Breez piloted a Drop Ship to Penitentiary 1331 when the criminal Corroder attacked. William Furno bluffed that the ship contained additional Heroes, & Corroder fled.

Furno was allowed to fly a Drop Ship carrying Stormer, Breez, & Mark Surge through an asteroid field. En route, they received a call & flew the Drop Ship to Mekron City.

The Alpha Team took a Drop Ship to New Stellac City to investigate a mysterious meteorite.


The Drop Ship is armed with a single H4 Force Ball Shooter. The vehicle is also protected by a cockpit vario-field & covered with tough yellow & gray plated armor.

See AlsoEdit

  • Drop Ship - The Drop Ship in the Lego toyline Hero Factory.

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