Daniel Rocka
Gender Male
Series Season Two
Brain Attack
Affiliation Alpha 1 Team (Rookie 1 division)
Hero Recon Team
Weapons Multi-Tool Ice Shield (Formerly)
Multifunctional Claw (Formerly)
Energy Shield & Crossbow (Formerly)
Plasma Blade Sword
Razor Shield
Location Hero Factory
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:

Daniel Rocka is a rookie Hero Factory agent, member of Alpha 1, & Hero Recon Team volunteer.


Daniel Rocka's armor was recently created in the Assembly Tower with the most up-to-date parts (such as the 2.0 upgrade) & the latest available technology. As the scientists wanted to create another exceptional rookie Hero, they modeled Rocka after their last successful creation, William Furno. Since his recruit, he has spent the majority of his time in the Training Sphere, completing over 100 missions. He also befriended the Alpha 1 Team, & was accepted as a member of its Rookie 1 division.

Savage PlanetEdit

When the Hero Factory received a distress call from Professor Aldous Witch, Rocka was sent to Quatros to help him. However, upon arriving, he realized that the distress call was fake, & was then confronted by Aldous Witch, who had become the Witch Doctor. After members of the Alpha Team were given the Upgrade to animal armor, they arrived on Quatros in order to investigate. The Heroes then came into opposition with the local wildlife & started to battle them. During which Rocka along with Preston Stormer & Dunkan Bulk were shrunken, but eventually restored by Julius Nex. Rocka then was briefly transformed to an XL form which he used to defeat Witch Doctor.


Rocka was tasked with capturing Voltix who carried an essence of Von Nebula. Voltix freed all the captured villains & escaped. Heroes were then sent out on missions, while Rocka stayed back at the Hero Factory by the order of the HRT. Rocka was in the containment facility when Black Phantom took over. He contacted Zib multiple times. Rocka climbed an elevator shaft, but was forced to jump back down. He was then attacked by Arachnix. He escaped to Mr. Makuhero's quarters, & lowered the fail safe shield. He met up with the rest of Alpha 1. He then revealed himself as being part of the Hero Recon Team. Finally, he fought Black Phantom in the Assembly Tower, plugging him even more to over power him.

The Doom BoxEdit

During the period of time where Core Hunter was trying to re-create the Doom Box, Rocka was sent to an asteroid prison dubbed "The Stone" to interrogate Splitface on a tip given to Alpha 1 by Arctur, dealing with Speeda Demon, who had previously worked with Splitface in an alliance. After interrogating Splitface for a while; Rocka learned the Speeda Demon had sold a map carved by Deneb to Core Hunter detailing the locations of the Doom Box's several parts. Rocka then ventured to Arctur & Deneb's world hoping to find someone who knew something about the Doom Box, but found nobody, except Arctur waiting for him. Arctur then led him into the underground complex that was once the lab that he, Deneb & others worked in before teleporting away to bring the rest of Alpha 1 in, but while they were gone Core Hunter arrived with all three pieces of the box ready to unite them. Rocka quickly ran out of the tunnels & met with the rest of Alpha 1. Back in the lab there was a showdown with Core Hunter & tried to bluff him but, only succeeded in making him kill Arctur, before activating the Box. Although, Actur, before dying, enacted a plan to de-activate the Box, which ended largely in success, he caused the Box's power to feed into Core Hunter. Rocka tried to charge him but, failed when energy was syphoned from his system rendering him unconscious while Mark Surge defeated Core Hunter. He later recovered from his injuries.

Brain AttackEdit

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Rocka's personality is very similar to Furno's. He is extremely headstrong & self-assured, willing to accept a challenge without thinking of his own limitations. His time spent in the training sphere has granted him intelligence & a diverse skill set.



Rocka initially bore gold armor, while his visor & Hero Core were colored white.


In Rocka's 3.0 form, he wears a black jumpsuit covered with gold & black armor, & retains his white visor & Hero Core. His helmet now resembles that of a Lion, as a sign of his new powers.

XL FormEdit


In Breakout, he has a neon green head with gold & gunmetal armor.

Brain AttackEdit


Rocka originally carried a shield as his main weapon.

After his Upgrade to 3.0 form, he currently carries a large multifunctional claw, & has been known to use a projectile weapon with unknown effects.

When he was upgraded to his Breakout form, he carried a crossbow gun & energy shield.

Shortly after the Breakout event; he is upgraded to his Brain Attack form, he now carries a Plasma Blade Sword & Razor Shield.

See AlsoEdit

  • Rocka - Rocka in the Lego toyline Hero Factory.

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