Choukou Senshi Changerion is a upcoming series.



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  • Delza Army
    • Great Boss of Delza Army
    • Great Boss of Black Satan
    • Great Leader of Shocker


  • Saga 1 (Return of Tokusatsu Stars: Episodes 1-30)
  • Saga 2 (Returned Riders: Episodes 31-50)
  • Saga 3 (Sacrificed Stars: Episodes 51-60)

Saga EpisodesEdit

  1. Changerion! Kikiaider and Kikiaider 01 Revive!
  2. Choukou! Inazuman Revive!
  3. Senshi! Zubat Warrior!
  4. The Man Who Returned! The Name Is Ichigo!
  5. Nigo Returns! The Six Heroes Vs. The Powerful Delza Army!
  6. V3, Riderman & X Captured! Long Live Delza!
  7. Appearance! Riders Amazon, Stronger!
  8. Goodbye! The Glorious Seven Riders!
  9. Captain Returns! The Betrayal Limits!
  10. Gibken Returns! The Fated Showdown!
  11. Millfy & Dogoier Revived! The Greatest Universe Treasure!
  12. Ahim Comes Back! The Day Of Kikiaider!
  13. Gai Ikari Is The Star! Farewell Space Pirates!
  14. Hiromu Is The Fusion!
  15. Ryuji Iwasaski! Reset and Backup!
  16. Yoko Usami! The Trap for Zubat!
  17. Masato Jin! Selection for Preparation!
  18. Beet J. Stag! Eternal Bonds!
  19. Daigo Kiryu! Countdown to Chaos!
  20. Ian Yorkland! The End of Delza Army!
  21. Nobuharu and Souji! Tears and Love!
  22. Amy Yuuzuki! The Greatest Final Brave!
  23. Utsusemimiaru! Goodbye, Kyoryuger!
  24. The Stars of Sentai! Gai, Yoko and Daigo Return!
  25. Goodbye, Stars of Sentai!
  26. Double, OOO, Fourze, Wizard and Gaim Returned!
  27. Changerion Mega! Changerion Shogun!
  28. Kikiaider and Kikiaider 01 Ressha Shogun!
  29. Inazuman Ressha Diesel!
  30. Zubat Ressha Dai-Shogun!
  31. Kikiazubat 01 Dai-Shogun!!
  32. Cyclone, Heat, Luna, Joker, Metal and Trigger Transformation!!
  33. Infinity, King and Medal Transformation!!
  34. Rocket/Astronaut Transformation!!
  35. Wizard, Jewelry and Western Dragon Transformation!!
  36. Fruit, Samurai and Shogun Transformatin!!
  37. Gaim and Ryugen! Return of Team Gaim!!
  38. Baron and Knuckle of Team Baron!!
  39. Kurokage of Team Raid Wild!!
  40. Kikiaider Dies!!
  41. Kikiaider 01 Dies!!
  42. Kikiaider Revives!!
  43. Kikiaider 01 Revives!!


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