• Dungareeunlimited39

    Hello everyone as you know I am new here but I am currently writing a X-over fic of one my favorite Toku shows, GARO, and one of the weirdest animes i've ever watched all the way through, Panty & Stocking with Gaterbelt, called Garo: Fencer of Gold! The plot for this is somewhat simple but i'll explain it as best I can.


    Several thousand years ago after Mendoza was sealed within the Makai. A legendary and all mighty Horror named Tyr was awakened with the ability to call forth horrors from it's very body. Before being sealed back into the Makai he tainted three Makai knights into serving him and granted them immortality until his return to the human world. 

    Meanwhile, after leaving for 10 years the human known as Brief has returned to Daten C…

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  • TyrannoRanger

    Based on Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger (Note: The Rangers are usually referred without the color prefix)

    • Randy/Red Tyranno Ranger - 22 years old. The Leader. Known as the "Warrior of Justice". Descendant of the Tyrannosaurus Warrior. The leader of the Dino Rangers, Randy has a strong sense of justice. Randy inherits Scott's powers after his death, enabling him to transform into Armed Tyranno Ranger.
    • John/Black Mammoth Ranger - 24 years old. The Big Lancer. Known as the "Warrior of Wisdom". Descendant of the Mastodon Warrior. Calm, cool, and collected, John is the team's second-in-command and his wisdom allows him to come up with strategies to save his teammates whenever they're cornered.
    • Tony/Blue Tricera Ranger - 16 years old. Kid-Appeal Character.…

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  • TyrannoRanger

    • Variblune - A bulldog-like gyroplane piloted by Blue and Yellow. It carries the Ranger Cycles. It was destroyed in episode 42.
    • Varidorin - A bird-like gyroplane that replaced the Variblune. It carries the Ranger Cycles and later Star Cycles.
    • Varitank - A six-wheeled tank with claw arms that rolls out of the beak of the Varidorin. Usually piloted by Blue Ranger and Agent 007.
    • Variballoon - A passenger-carrying balloon for the Power Rangers. Usually piloted by Pink Ranger.

    • Sky Ace - Aircraft piloted by either Ace of Spades and Jack of Diamonds or by King of Clubs, Joker and Agent 7. The aircraft's top speed is Mach 2.
    • Jack Tank - Armored vehicle piloted by Jack of Diamonds, King of Clubs or Ace of Spades. The tank has a top speed of 350 km/h.

    • Unit…

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  • TyrannoRanger

    • Birdies - Removable rockets attached on the sides of the belts for flying.
    • Each Ranger can pull out their visors to transform into their weapons.
    • Red Whip
    • New Red Whip
      • Red Claw
      • Drill Whip
      • Spear Whip
    • Red Shooter
    • Blue Bow - Fires Blue Arrows.
    • Super Blue Bow - Fires Blue Rockets.
    • Yellow Transmitter
    • Yellow Stick - Comes with three attachments: Rock (punch), Scissors (eye poke), and Paper (slap).
    • Earring Bombs
    • Pink Mirror
    • Pink Blade
    • Greenmerang
    • Super Greenmerang
    • Green Slinger
    • Ranger Storm - Used in episodes 1-42. Prepared by the Pink Ranger. Played in the style of soccer. The Red Ranger was the last one to kick it to the Mask Monster.
    • Ranger Hurricane - Used in episode 43-84. Prepared by the Pink Ranger. Played in the style of an American football. Once the Re…

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  • TyrannoRanger

    Based on Himitsu Sentai Goranger

    • David Powell/Red Ranger - 23 years old. The Leader. The younger brother of the EAGLE #1645 base captain who became a survivor of the Golden Mask's attacks. Is a soccer player and an ace sharpshooter.
    • Felipe Benito/Blue Ranger - 24 years old. The Lancer. Oldest member of the team, and was training in the snowy region of the EAGLE #1866 branch where the Warrior Mask attacks.. He is a marksmanship instructor, skilled in archery and mecha piloting.
    • Gary Parsons/Yellow Ranger I (Episodes 1-54, 67-84) - 23 years old. The Big Guy. Gary is a jovial engineering recruit at EAGLE #2376 branch who was training with his comrades when Bronze Mask attacked. As a judo champion, Gary is physically strong. He was later promoted t…

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  • Timothy Compton

    Tokusatsu Zone

    December 31, 2013 by Timothy Compton
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  • Dragonzeron

    ultraman fanon wiki

    December 15, 2013 by Dragonzeron

    ok i have found a ultraman fan wiki and i have gotten some good support  so i was thinking it can join the fanon hub

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  • Reynoman

    The Forbidden Lockseed

    November 30, 2013 by Reynoman

    This blog is actually for Kamen Rider Wiki, since it doesn't do blog posts (outrageous, right?).

    I have a perfectly good hunch that the Final Form of Kamen Rider Gaim should be based on like the Forbidden fruit, or the Forbidden Lockseed, since the show's motif is said to have something to with "tasting the forbidden fruit".

    Now, I'm wondering the kind of fruit the Forbidden Lockseed should be based on. I think I'll let you guys decide.

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  • Dragonzeron

    New Partner

    November 23, 2013 by Dragonzeron

    Hey guys i am in need of a new partner for fanfictoku cause one of my contributers hates me now and has removen her pages and now i am in need of a somebody who can help me 

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  • Aldo The Fox

    Guilty as charged

    August 27, 2013 by Aldo The Fox

    To Mr. Des Shinta, Mr. Nixon, Mr. Peterson, Miss 'O Riley, Mr. Lovhaug and Mr. Omega:

    Greetings, I am Aldo the Fox and I am guilty of being a fan of reviewers.

    I am an editor and admin of what I largely call "Project: Tokupedia", its purpose being to catalog superheroes from Japan and cover the tokusatsu genre to the best of the ability of our editors. However, the success of it is dependent on fansubs and just general information, so please forgive the blank pages as I have no experience with the Japanese language or a lot of time to edit because I have a day job.

    Eventually, there will be a companion wiki for anime and manga superheroes to go along with it but for now I'm focused on trying to keep things running when I'm not babysitting Gat…

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  • Reynoman

    Think you guys can think up some names for the villains & monsters for the first & second seasons of VR Troopers: The Next Generation, including the movie?

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  • Aldo The Fox

    Hello all, I would like to take the time to play the familiar game of "Good News, Bad News".

    First the bad news, after a bit of soul searching and struggling to come up with ideas, Kamen Rider Pecos as a story has been effectively been cancelled. The reason being that real life has taken up much of my time and a lack of inspiration on how to coherently end Prologue of Fire.

    One of my original motivators for writing it was the deep, dark depression of being unemployed and a desire to contribute something, anything, to society (even a sad little fanfic).  Now that I have a job, that drive has diminished to nil and I'm more focused on not getting fired and keeping tabs on Tokupedia and watching my favorite shows when I'm off.

    That being said, I …

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  • Reynoman

    Hey, guys. This is my first blog here on this Wiki, so I hope it's a good one. I've been thinking about making an American adaptation of the upcoming live-action superhero tokusatsu film Gatchaman. The question is: which American adaptation should the movie focus on? I simply decided to let you guys decide.

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  • Aldo The Fox

    Two days passed and the leaders were sent back to their cozy mansions and homes. Some of them slept with the weight of the decision they made haunting their dreams while others acted as if nothing happened. It wasn't 'til the next morning that they ordered the troops to stand down and let the Pra'meths begin their tests. Naturally, the people did not like this decision and some military forces decided it was better to commit treason just to defend their homes than be under alien rule.

    Banding together the armies began slowly devising plans to use the weapons testing as a means to eliminate their uninvited guests.

    On the plains of the desert, a Pra'meth scout ship nestled on a canyon was conducting tests on an Badancium energy turret gun. Th…

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  • Aldo The Fox

    The massive ship moved forward and approached the planet, as it descended it launched a volley of anti-proton missiles and a hail of plasma laser fire at Tokyo, Japan. The JDF barely had any time to respond and were forced to request the US Navy to mobilize to back them up.

    Commander: "This is JDF! Mayday! Mayday! We are under attack! USS Harlem please respond! Dispatch all available naval and air units to mobilize!"

    Admiral Hernandez: "This is the USS Harlem, we read you JDF! We have sighted the target and are preparing to engage!"

    The USS Harlem was the pride of the US Navy. Carbon-bonded Titanium hull, 3 long-range energy railguns, a cloaking shield, 3 Wyvern-class rapid-fire turrets and a squadron of F-56-D Blue Condors armed to the teet…

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  • Aldo The Fox

    Long ago, out in the vast cosmos, there was a planet in the Tau Ceti system that was home to the Pra'meths.

    The Pra'meths were once a peaceful race of aliens that made space travel through their star system a pleasant experience by welcoming travelers and giving them food, shelter and medicine for their journeys. However, in the Earth year of 1925, The Crisis Empire launched an assault on the Pra'meth homeworld and placed it under military occupation. The Empire forced them into slave labor building their weapons and factories, and as the years passed the succeeding generations of the populace had become mutated by the pollution of the factories chemical wastes and their appearances had become as hideous as the weapons they built.

    As time we…

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  • Aldo The Fox

    Lex Luthor becomes fed up with the heroes interfering with the plans of the Injustice Society and creates a device that will erase them from existence. The device is a modified Phase Oscillator powered by the magic of Klarion the Witch Boy. The Justice League catches wind of this plot and try to stop him but accidentally power up the machine before Klarion finishes the incantations. In a flash of light, all the world's superheroes and super villains vanish... only to find themselves on different Earths that are not part of the DC Multiverse and presumably trapped there forever....

    Crossover notes:

    This project is going to be our first wiki collaboration and anyone who wishes to participate or has questions about the J-heroes selected, please…

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