• Species = Human
  • Age = 84 (Regular Series) 92 (Spiderman Jr.)
  • First Appearance = Anything But An Ordinary Day
  • Affiliations = New York Library
  • Relatives = Peter Parker (Nephew), Ben parker (Husband, deceased), Mary Jane Watson (Daughter-In-Law), Gabriel Parker (Grand-nephew), Zoe Parker (Grand-Niece), Miguel O'Hara (Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grand-Nephew)
  • Alias = Aunt May (Peter)


In the regular marvel universe May is Peter's aunt. She is in this fanfiction

Spiderman FanFiction WikiEdit

There will be various versions of May Parker on this wiki.

ScarletCarnage15's VersionEdit

May is Peter's aunt and when he was nineteen she died of a heart attack.

Relation to PeterEdit

May and Peter are not blood related because she was married into the Parker family.

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