(Originally posted by Aldo on the wrong page)

Hello, I was wondering if we could transfer our admin powers to this wiki. All of these guys are experienced users or have unique talents in Wikia. I would like to personally vouch for each and every one of them.

User:Digifiend-Admin of Rangerwiki and Logopedia and maker of our wordmarks, also a hard worker and coder.

User:Digi My senior and colleague. He is admin of the Tokupedia sites across the board. He is skilled in coding and a fast editor.

User:Dchallofjustice aka Chris or The Chief. He is a great guy and does a lot to help new editors (Even me when I first signed up)

He is a great communicator and does coding and other stuff for our Tokupedia wikis. You may not see him much due to his job, but the man is worth having on the team for his experience and positive attitude.

User:Titanollante or simply Titan is Admin of Wikizilla and our screen capturer for the Tokupedia sites. The youngest of our admins with a fun loving personality and an eagerness to help out whenever we need it. He also makes Kaiju fanart on Deviantart.

User:Zeltrax-Millenium or ZM for short is the most recent admin and our IP monitor.

This means he is in charge of observing all fanart from users and checking to see if it belongs to them or if they stole or plagiarized them from someone else. I appointed him this position after an incident on Rangerwiki where his Kamen Rider Kabuto Ranger Key was stolen by a user for their profile. In addition to his monitoring duties, ZM is an internet reviewer and Deviantartist.

User: Aldo The Fox I'm not much for bragging or arrogance. But I have played a part in building the Tokupedia hub and getting the ball rolling on some of the partnerships with other wikis. I mostly function as a spellchecker and cleanup guy.

Tokusatsu Fanon was my baby when I adopted it, I wanted a site where fans could express themselves and show off their creativity in fan art, fanfics, cosplay,Internet reviews, and homemade stuff like Plushies and Ranger Keys. I hope to see that continue in it's new location with more editors and wondrous displays of love and affection for the genre that gave us superheroes,robot fights, exploding kicks and monsters.

Responce: Alright everyone has there admin powers from Tokusatsu Fanon. Titanium Power! (talk) 23:50, July 21, 2013 (UTC)

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