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13 year old, Jiro Biomech was walking to school because he misted the bus. He walked for about a mile then he reacheed his school, Pine Willow Middle School. He walked down the hall and came to his locker. He reached in and got out his school books and headed down to his first class. 

After school he went back down the road home. He thought it would be faster to cut though the woods, and got off the road. He walked for two miles and then realized he was lost he looked around and saw something shining through the trees. He walked into deeper woods and there was agolden rock with a futuristic sword in it. He walked up to the sword and pulled it out of the rock. Then metal covered his hand and then his arm and the his chest, and... all of him! He then started growing, taller then the trees! As tall as The Space Needle! He looked down at his hands, they were metal. He steped forward and he flew up into the air he looked around in suprise! He then noticed the sword in his hand it's blade was on fire! He didn't know what was happening! he land on a tall cliff, and then turned back to his normal self. the a strange voice said " Clatuu Burata Nickto " , it came from the sword. 

    THE END!

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